Sanitrol® Technology

Antimicrobial Platform Disruptive New Technology

*Gas, Liquid, or Solid-State Antimicrobial Platform*

Cost effective and economical.

Solid residual coating provides game changing antimicrobial speed and microbial range.

Sanitrol has approximately equal kill-rates wet or dry. Wet dwell time no longer an issue.

-Gram -/Gram + and spore forming bacteria.

-Non-enveloped & enveloped viruses.

-Multiple strains of fungus including emerging pathogens.

Stable with a wide range of surfactants, buffers, stabilizers, fragrances, etc.

Invented, Developed, Owned, Patented, and Manufactured exclusively by Rem Brands, Inc.

Proprietary formulas, ingredients, and manufacturing know-how.

Internationally Patented with numerous trailing applications.

_EPA Registration in progress _

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14-day Residual Challenge

Licensing and Partnership Opportunities